Plena Inclusion

Plena inclusion (formerly known as FEAPS) is a Spanish umbrella organization for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities founded in nineteen sixty four. Our members are regional federations. We have federations in every region of Spain (17) and members associations in Ceuta y Melilla.

The federations, in turn, are composed of associations. In total we have approximately 900 associations.

We also have another three nationwide members: It is the Spanish Association of Guardianship Foundations (AEFT), which groups such entities responsible for supporting people with intellectual or developmental disabilities whose legal capacity has been modified by a judge; the Asociación Empresarial de  la Discapacidad (AEDIS), the employers' organization that manages the labor agreement in the sector and the Special Employment Centers of Plena inclusión organizations; and Special Olympics Spain, which promotes sports activities and competitions for people with intellectual disabilities.

Our associative movement brings together 140.000 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, 235.000 relatives, 40.000 professionals and 8.000 volunteers who support them, as well as other associates and sympathizers.

Plena inclusion in one minute:   

Plena inclusión Movement´s mission is to contribute, from our ethical commitment, with support and opportunities, to helping every person with intellectual or developmental disability and their families to develop their own project to improve their quality of life, and to promote their inclusion as full members of the community.

The main purpose of our organization is the full inclusion of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families. This means that they have the same rights and opportunities to live a dignified life and participate in society on equal terms.

To do this, our work focuses on training these people and their families so that they can claim their rights for themselves.

We are also focused on achieving that the people and organizations that we support could improve and adapt to the changes and challenges of the new times, being creative and innovating and positioning at the leading technical edge.

In addition, we must work with the society, collaborating with other organizations, political and social agents, public administrations and with the citizenship, so that they know, understand and share our demands. We must join those who fight for a more just and solidary society, that values ​​diversity and favors equality.

In 1990 Plena Inclusion was awarded the Golden Cross of Social Solidarity. In 2001 Plena inclusión received the Silver Medal of Prison Social Merit. PLENA INCLUSIÓN is a member of Inclusion International, Inclusion Europe and CERMI. Fundación Lealtad issued Plena Inclusión with a certification of compliance with the nine principles of Transparency and Good Practice for NGOs. 

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