Protestant Theological Faculty

The Protestant Theological Faculty was founded in 1919 as an independent institute of higher education. It was not permitted to be incorporated into Charles University until 1990. Since 1995 it has been based in the Marathon Palace in Prague 1.

Studies at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University (PTF CU)

  • Are open to all those who are interested, regardless of their religious or church background
  • Offer an open academic environment
  • Have a clear Protestant profile in the broader context of the other theological and religious traditions of the past and the present
  • Take place on either a full-time or a part-time basis
  • Have available a library with the most extensive collection of theological literature in the Czech Republic
  • A wide range of possibilities for studying abroad through the Erasmus programme

PTF CU offers study programmes in Protestant Theology at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Underlying the teaching of theology is the endeavour to maintain a clear Protestant profile while at the same time being ecumenically open and going beyond confessional boundaries.

Two other study programmes at PTF CU offer teaching in pastoral and social work and an ecumenical orientation in the Christian traditions.