Training in Prague

The second training activity was held in Prague (Czech Republic) on November 20 - 24. The training was co-delivered by trainers from Tuya, CHANGE and Quip.

The program of the training

Monday 20 November – joint session: Opening of the training

Familiarization with participants and the program for the whole week & discussion about how to generate a profound change in behaviour.

Tuesday and Wednesday 21-22 November – parallel sessions in two groups on three main topics

Easy-read training: What is accessible information, what is easy read, three components of easy read document: text, design and images, how to quality check your document. The session was taken participants through a narrative of inclusion, meant to challenge, the way people design their communication information and discourse.

Forum theatre: How practically deliver training on Supported Decision Making using Theatre of the Oppressed.

Tools for delivering inclusive training: Discussion of concrete actions that each participant can carry out to apply athe Article 12. These small actions will guarantee the success of a practical training about supported decision making.

Thursday 23 November – group work on practical tasks

Each national training team were working on their own easy read documents with support from the trainers.

Friday 24 November – joint session: Closing of the training

Feedback on the training and discussion how to aply new skills and knowledge in frame of national multiplication events and further inclusive training about the Article 12.