Training in Žilina

The first training activity was held in Žilina (Slovakia) on January 16 - 19. The training was be co-delivered by trainers from Tuya, Land of Harmony, CHANGE and Quip.

The program of the training

Day 1: The main topic of the day was familiarization with the project and the people in the project. Responsible project partners were TUYA & Land of Harmony.

Day 2: The main topic of the day was understanding supported decision making, what article 12 brings into lives of people with disability, shift from the best interest to the best understanding will and preferences, three levels of support in decision-making etc. Responsible project partner was Quip.

Day 3 & 4: The main topic of the day were both preparing and delivering of inclusive training. Responsible project partners was CHANGE.

Some feedback prom participants

Thank you for everything! New experiences, new learning possibilities, new friends. Also new challenges to be overcoming together.

One of our group members suggested that it is very important to give this kind of training to municipal social worker.

The most inspiring part was so called Forum Theatre led by two trainers (Catherine and Philipa) from CHANGE: “It was fascinating to see how a person with disabilities can be equal in a role of professional trainer with a professional trainer without disability.